Fully Equipped

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Rent full-sets of youth gear for just $250 each season.


From head to toe, we’ve got you geared. For just $250, you can dress your child in high-quality gear season to season. Whether it’s your child’s first year, or you’re sick of re-buying hundreds of dollars worth of equipment each season, our program is a great solution for everyone.

Want to know when we’re ready to take your equipment rental order for the 2023-2024 season?

The Breakdown: How It Works

Step 1:

Associations & Sponsors

We partner with a Minor Hockey Association and help them source a sponsor in the community to run this program, allowing us to offer full-sets of youth hockey equipment to local families for a rental fee of only $250.00 (plus tax).

Step 2:

Register The Kids

Once a child is confirmed to be registered with one of our partnering associations and their rental fee has been paid, families receive access to an online form where they can select sizing for each piece of equipment to build a full set.

Step 3:

Delivery & Pickup

We deliver clean, quality equipment in hockey bags directly to the association ice centre on a predetermined date where families can pick up before the season starts.

Step 4:

Post-Season Collection

We collect all hockey equipment from the association, bring it back to our headquarters in Southern Ontario where we professionally clean and store all equipment until we do it again next season!

More reasons our program makes sense.

New Equipment

When partnering with a new association for a 3 year term, we buy new equipment to use for up to 3 seasons. We prioritize keeping up with technology and keeping kids safe.

Professionally Cleaned

All of our equipment is professionally cleaned using our industrial-grade sanitization machines. This process removes 99.9% of bacteria otherwise found on used hockey gear.

Off-Season Storage

Gone are the days of tossing hockey bags in equipment rooms or in attics for the summer. We store all of our equipment in the off-season so you don't have to.

Financial Planning

With the help of sponsors in the community, we can rent full-sets of youth equipment for just $250 per season. This saves people money and allows families to plan ahead.

Become an association that offers rental gear to families.

We would like to finalize partnerships before hockey registration opens to reach parents who may otherwise chose not to register. By offering this program, we can open to door for many families and provide more kids the opportunity to play.